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deirdre casey

full spectrum wellness


I offer different types of treatments depending upon your needs. 

Please see your options in the service menu.

movement practice

Expert guidance in establishing a daily movement practice to have you feeling better in your body.

end of life doula

End of Life Planning

Grief + bereavement

Legacy Projects


Therapy Sessions
my philosophy

You are an individual and your treatment will be bespoke.  I do not treat all bodies the same. 

I address the joints as well as the muscles during treatment.

I incorporate other healing practices during the treatment such as energy work and sound.

You get 100% of me when I am treating you. 

I prefer to work in silence but I am happy to chat if that makes you more comfortable.

about me

Over the span of 24 years I've journeyed through various roles in health and wellness.  

My years as a competitive athlete allowed me to cultivate a deep understanding of the body. In an effort to better understand breathing I began with Pilates and went on to coaching, massage therapy, Reiki and most recently healing with sound.

Recently, I've shifted my focus towards the delicate topics of death and dying, extending compassionate guidance and support to individuals and their loved ones.

bodywork menu

signature massage

Swedish inspired massage

Benefits: Rejuvenating. Relieves stress.
Reduces anxiety. Increases well being. Total relaxation.

the healer

Body, mind and spirit

Energy balancing massage

Benefits: Calming. Deepens self awareness. Reduces emotional stress

the stretch

For the athlete

Sports inspired massage

Benefits: Stimulates lymphatic and circulatory systems. Improves range of motion. Reduces recovery time.


Release tension, let go of stress and allow for healing in this incredibly relaxing session

movement coaching

expert guidance to establish a daily movement practice to improve mobility, reduce aches + pains and gain a better understanding of your body.

death doula services

End-of-life planning 

Grief + bereavement

Legacy projects


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